Worldwide Shipping Cost

What is the cost for shipping within Malaysia?

For shipping within Malaysia, we use Poslaju National Courier with the rate as below:

0.00kg -0.50kg : RM7.00
0.51kg -0.75kg : RM8.30
0.75kg -1.00kg : RM9.60
1.01kg -1.25kg : RM11.00
1.25kg -1.50kg : RM12.00
1.50kg -1.75kg : RM14.00
1.75kg -2.00kg : RM15.00

0.00Kg – 0.50kg : RM11.00
0.50kg – 0.75kg : RM13.00
0.75kg -1.00kg : RM15.00
1.00kg -1.25kg : RM17.00
1.25kg -1.50kg : RM19.00
1.50kg -1.75kg : RM21.00
1.75kg -2.00kg : RM23.00

0.00Kg – 0.50kg : RM11.00
0.50kg – 0.75kg : RM14.00
0.75kg -1.00kg : RM17.00
1.00kg -1.25kg : RM19.00
1.25kg -1.50kg : RM22.00
1.50kg -1.75kg : RM25.00
1.75kg -2.00kg : RM27.00

Tracking numbers are emailed once posted.

How long does it take for my parcel to reach me?

We post all orders made before 1pm, Monday – Friday on the same day via PosLaju National Courier. PosLaju National Courier is a next day delivery service and makes deliveries Monday – Saturday, excluding the first Saturday of every month and local public holidays (Malaysia). Orders made on Friday, after 1pm will only be shipped on Monday. If customers do not receive their order within 3 working days, please contact our customer service department to track your order.

What is the cost for shipping outside of Malaysia?

For Shipping outside of Malaysia, we use FlexiPack International also by Pos Malaysia.

What is FlexiPack International?

FlexiPack International is a new prepaid product introduced by Pos Malaysia for sending items not more than 2kg to an overseas destination by air.

What are the destination countries for Flexipack International?

Destination countries are divided into two zones as shown in below table.

Zone Destination countries
1 Brunei
Hong Kong
2 Other countries


What is the price of FlexiPack International?

FlexiPack International comes in five different sizes. The price for each size according to destination zones is shown below:

Zone Packaging Size Max
1 Padded envelope XS 150g 250 x 150 6.00
S 250g 250 x 200 11.00
M 500g 350 x 250 19.00
Box L 1kg 200 x 180 x 80 30.00
XL 2kg 250 x 200 x 100 50.00
2 Padded envelope XS 150g 250 x 150 8.00
S 250g 250 x 200 16.00
M 500g 350 x 250 29.00
Box L 1kg 200 x 180 x 80 50.00
XL 2kg 250 x 200 x 100 78.00

Every parcel will be given Tracking Number which cost additional RM4.00

What is the estimated delivery time for FlexiPack International?

Estimated delivery time for FlexiPack International is similar to International Small Packet service offered by Pos Malaysia. Please refer to the table below:

Zone Destination countries Estimated delivery time (working days) Notes
1 Brunei, Singapore 4 – 10 The estimated delivery time listed applies to major cities only. Delivery to area outside of major cities may incur additional days. Delivery time also is subject to custom clearance process.

For registered items, an additional day is needed because it is a recorded delivery.

Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos,
Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand,
Indonesia, Vietnam
4 – 10
2 Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji,
India, Japan, Macao, Mongolia, New Zealand,
South Korea, North Korea,
Taiwan, Sri Lanka
5 – 11
Other countries 6 – 11


PosLaju International Courier

This is another option for International Courier but a bit expensive than Flexipack.

We will make this option available soon.

View Price for PosLaju International Courier to your Country.

The price doen not include 25% fuel surcharge by the courier company.

View Delivery Time for Poslaju International Courier to your Country.